Everything Ends in Chaos

Everything Ends In Chaos is a mixed-media collection of objects, narrative texts and films that reveal the intricate trajectories of an artificially designed and then reverse engineered, economically viable Black Swan event.

As functioning humans beings, psychologically we are collectively and individually blind to uncertainty, and therefore often unaware of the impact that singular events can have on our lives: economically, historically and scientifically, until after their occurrence. Some of us die by this mistake and some of us profit beyond our wildest dreams from it.

Everything Ends in Chaos is a project that’s attempt is to artificially construct a financial Black Swan. Positioned in hindsight, and told through a series of fragmented hypothetical narratives that have undergone various actuary financial assessments; made by investment bankers and insurance brokers to loss adjusters and risk strategists, drawing upon the practice of insurance with the means to investigate and underpin the moment at which economical fact becomes fiction and vise versa.

The plot begins with the kidnapping of a Mrs Henderson, wealthy wife of a senator, who's stolen diamonds proceed to the unfolding of an extremely complex series of tipping points that lead to an actuary economically viable, global financial meltdown.


We MakeMoneyNotArt, Beyond the Beyond - Bruce Sterling, The Financial Times, Architectural Design Magazine, BLDGBLOG, Domus, Liberation, Emergence Conference, The Future of New Governments and Economic Models, Oxford University, Design Indaba, Demos Think Tank, Museum of Moving Image, Forbes, Blueprint Magazine.


Winner of the Sir Ridley Scott Award, 2011













© Ilona Gaynor 2011

Design, Direction, Animation: Ilona Gaynor
Film Lighting: Diego Trujillo
Stylist: Maki Lou Lou
Make Up Artist: Jessica Cheetham
Assistants: Simon Jeal and Ben O'Dell
3D Film Models: Tommaso Lanza
3D Prints: Matt Sinclair
Book Design: Gabriel Wiechert
Doves, Animal Handler: The White Feather Company
Advisors: BPL, Lloyds of London, Hiscox and Merrill Lynch

Sponsored by: Olympus, The Wallace Collection
and Swarovski

Special Thanks: Fiona Raby, Anthony Dunne, Noam Toran, Matt Sinclair
Tim Olden, Sam Evans, Laurel Swan, Diego Trujillo, Emily Hayes
Jonathan Hatton, Finola Gaynor, David Benque, Matt Ward,
IDEO London, Merrill Lynch New York, Hiscox London
and John O'Boyle.