Est 1703 Book Cover
Everything Ends in Chaos, Est 1703

Written by (Ilona Gaynor)

2011 | £55
Edition of 25
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This book is a collated research document, displaying the artifacts and selective research that has contributed to and led the direction of my enquiry for the project entitled ‘Everything Ends in Chaos’ – my final graduation project, whilst studying in the Design Interactions department at the Royal College of Art.

For more information about the project, visit Everything Ends in Chaos

Est 1703 book, spread

Est 1703 book, spread

Est 1703 book, spread

Est 1703 book, spread


Insurance is often associated with drab, mundane office spaces lined with polyester gray carpets, stale water coolers and stained coffee cups. The series of images that follow are images that describe a different aesthetic, one I imagine could be conjured as a result of policy. What does a Black Swan really look like? How might it feel to be situated within it or even standing by the sidelines watching it and how might the policy describe the event?

Paradoxically insurance is as much about fantasy as it is about reality, how do we imagine speculative risk? What might it look like? Could it look like scene from a Kubrick film, or might the people involved converse like characters in a Coen film? Policies can be read as fiction, because that is exactly what they are until the speculation becomes true.

© Ilona Gaynor 2011

Written by: Ilona Gaynor
Design: Gabriele Weichert
Photography: Ilona Gaynor, various materal sources